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Area of Greatest NeedDana-Farber's ultimate goal is to eradicate cancer. We are committed to providing adults and children with the best cancer treatment available today while developing tomorrow's cures through cutting-edge research.$0.00
Boost spirits through arts and crafts, and music therapyCaring for our patients' needs extends far beyond our labs and treatment facilities - this is the heart of Dana-Farber's signature total patient care. Offering our patients arts and crafts and music programs provide creative and therapeutic outlets.$50.00
Fund important clinical trialsClinical trials provide hope and life to thousands of patients, oftentimes when all other treatments have failed. More than 700 clinical trials run each year at Dana-Farber.$0.00
Fund the development of new cancer drugsDana-Farber's equal commitment to expert care and research allows us to bring information from our labs to patients each day. New information gained as a result of our pioneering research leads to new drugs, which help our patients in so many ways.$0.00
Help buy state-of-the-art equipmentProviding the best patient care and being the leader in research breakthroughs means staying ahead of the curve. State-of-the-art labs with revolutionary equipment are needed to support the best physician-scientists and empower their work.$0.00
Help one patient look good and feel betterAt Dana-Farber?s Friends? Place, patients are offered personalized consultations to minimize the physical effects of cancer, such as choosing a wig, being fitted for compression garments or breast prostheses, or tips for redrawing eyebrows.$50.00
Help our mammography van reach more communitiesOur mammography van, the only mobile program of its kind in Massachusetts, brings state-of-the-art breast cancer screening and breast health education into our Boston-area neighborhoods.$100.00
Help our pediatric patients overcome new learning obstacles at schoolThe transition back to school for a young cancer survivor can be very challenging. Our customized back-to-school kits include age-appropriate school supplies that help patients overcome learning difficulties that result from treatment.$75.00
Help screen for skin cancerDana-Farber is committed to promoting year-round safe sun habits to reduce the incidence of skin cancer.$100.00
Lift spirits for boys and girls through the Flashes and Faces programThe Flashes and Faces program provides Jimmy Fund Clinic patients with visits from trained experts to consult on nutrition, fitness, and skin care, while Dana-Farber staff photographers work with patients to document their experiences.$100.00
Provide comfort for patients with books and magazinesReading provides an escape, distraction, or the comforts of home for patients and their families during treatment. Create a welcoming environment by filling our book carts with reading materials.$50.00
Provide transportation assistance to give patients access to careProviding our patients with subsidized parking and taxi vouchers gives them better access to care, and even more importantly, peace of mind, knowing they no longer need to worry about how they will get to or from an appointment.$25.00
Stock the Jimmy Fund Clinic's Toy Closet and Treasure ChestAllow our youngest patients the chance to relax and be kids by funding the Jimmy Fund Clinic's Toy Closet and Treasure Chest.$30.00
Support survivorship programsEven after cancer survivors have been deemed "cancer-free," they still may face emotional and physical challenges. Our survivorship programs prepare these survivors for their journey through life after treatment.$75.00
Support the Jimmy Fund ClinicOur nationally acclaimed Jimmy Fund Clinic is a place of hope and healing, where children and their families fight cancer together. It's also a place where kids can participate in activities that allow them to be just what they are: kids.$0.00