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Fund the development of new cancer drugs
Name: Fund the development of new cancer drugs
Product Code: JF010
Description:Dana-Farber's equal commitment to expert care and research allows us to bring information from our labs to patients each day. New information gained as a result of our cutting-edge research leads to new drugs, which help our patients in so many ways. 
Product Detail:Many cancer patients win their battles, but sadly, others succumb to the disease. At Dana-Farber, we house the best and the brightest scientists, the most cutting-edge equipment, and the highest caliber approaches to developing new treatments each day. We have been successful in pioneering the use of effective new drugs, such as Gleevec® and Erlotinib, but there are hundreds yet to be discovered. Your support of $25 or more could mean additional weeks, months, and even years for our patients—a priceless gift for anyone. 
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